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BiomedHair; which has been serving in the field of hair transplantation with high quality and best results since 2012, with its high quality equipments and experienced doctors and team, has been successfully continuing to perform in the sector with the motto “Maximum graft, Maximum hygiene, Maximum aesthetics and It is the Health, First and Foremost”.

1) It is very crucial for our guests not to drink alcohol before hair transplantation 7-10 days in advance, and for the development and blood supply of newly implanted hair follicles (It is also important to not drink alcohol for 1 week after hair transplantation).

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Anyone who is 18 or older, and has not got any ‘contraindicated’ health issues, can have hair transplantation. In the light of our vision, ‘Health comes first.’ an initial interview and assessment are carried out to determine the minimum medical requirements.

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FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)technique is defined as the process of making circular incisions and extracting the follicle units one by one by creating reservoirs holding the grafts (hair units) that are extracted by a device known as ‘FUE-motor’ which has 1-mm or smaller replaceable sharp punches without creating linear incisions…

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In this medical procedure known as ‘The Pen Technique’ due to the name of the ‘CHOI implanter pen’ device used, the grafts placed in the needle slit of CHOI implanter pen which has a very thin, cylindrical, sharp and replaceable tip are carefully and one by one positioned by our experienced medical personnel.

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It is the procedure that is applied in genetic or subsequent cases of the loss of homogeneous distribution on the areas that naturally need to have a beard such as face, jaw and under-chin, and / or having bald areas in the beard.

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In the treatment of PRP applied by our experienced team, our aim is to optimally accelerate the wound healing and the growth of hair grafts after hair transplantation. In the PRP treatment, it is aimed to revitalize the old hair follicles that may lose their strength and healthy structure besides the implanted hair grafts. Approximately, 10 to 22 cc of blood sample is drawn from the patient who the procedure will be executed; in the centrifuge, the platelets are separated, concentrated and prepared in a special tube inside the PRP kit and injected into the scalp of our esteemed patients by the help of special injectors.

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The new profile, which we have provided to our esteemed patient, will maintain its high quality with the procedure of mesotherapy that we will determine the proportions according to the type of hair and scalp. It is a method used to strengthen the hair follicles which we have carefully implanted and the hair in all areas of our patient’s head in order to develop stronger hair follicles and reach more voluminous hair.

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Welcome / Pre-examination

By our hair transplant specialist, the areas where the hair follicles are intended to be extracted are examined; hair type, inclination angles, micromotor punch type, how much hair graft (follicle units) is needed are determined.
At this stage, the most critical decision is, of course, the determination of the forehead hairline; firstly, the expectation of our patient is listened; In the light of our experience, the hair transplantation result we foresee and the most beautiful profile type that can be applied in terms of aesthetic appearance are shared with our patients; and the forehead hairline is decided together.

Hair Transplantation Starts

Our patients’ head is shaved with a hair clipper by setting the clipper size at #1. It should be noted that the best results are provided by this shaving technique. Before the operation, our patients are taken to the operation room by taking photos of recipient and donor areas from various angles. Under the supervision of a specialist; by fully complying with the sterilization requirements, the local anesthetic is applied slowly and evenly to the nape area where the grafts will be extracted and the local anesthesia procedure is completed. Minor pains may rarely occur at this stage; ice packs are sufficiently applied to the area to relieve the pain.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Just after the local anesthesia, the donor area is injected subcutaneously with a sterile injector which has a special solution prepared under sterile conditions before the procedure. After this procedure, we pass onto the stage of hair extraction which the number of hair grafts (follicle units) are previously determined by the hair transplant specialist. The follicle units, which are intended to be used for the procedure, are extracted without harming the hair roots and the scalp tissues. The process is done by creating a homogenous, patch free look; and using rotatable (at desired speeds), single-use tipped, cylindrical punches which are at the lower end of the pen-shaped device which is called the medical handpiece connected to the main motor named micromotor. The hair follicles are kept in special nutritional solutions until the moment of the transplantation in order not to be damaged during the waiting period. The creation of evenly spaced lines is very important in terms of aesthetic appearance during the extraction stage, this is an art and craft.


In order to create a new profile for our esteemed patients, creating micro-orifices is very critical. The micro-orifice process begins after subcutaneous injection consisting of a special solution mixture and a local anesthetic applied along the forehead hairline. The micro-orifices to be opened by our expert are compatible with the direction of the existing hair, that is, the opening and direction of the micro-orifices to be opened constitutes the Gold Standard in creating an aesthetic appearance; because the implanted hair will now grow in that direction. The micro-orifices, which are not created at the right horizontal angle, that are formed upright, cause the implanted hair to grow in an upright manner and to create an undesirable appearance known as the Grass Head. In addition to correct determination of angle and inclination, opening of micro-orifices at depth and diameter appropriate to extracted hair follicles is also very valuable in the transplantation stage. In order to prevent necrosis, which is the most important complication, an undesirable condition; the micro-orifice operation to be carried out with full compliance with the hygiene and sterilization requirements has to be done at the right angle with the correct density. Much attention should be paid to the fact that the micro-orifices are unbonded and evenly distributed; This is an art and craft.


Even if the first two stages have been done correctly, the fact that extraction is not done with the correct technique will cause all these efforts to fail. It is very valuable for our guest to open micro-orifices in diameter and depth appropriate to the type of hair follicle, and the follicle units, which are kept in a sterile area in a special nutrient solution, are graped by their upper-ends with the help of hair forceps and carefully placed in the opened micro-orifices and hair transplantation is completed. Afterwards, the cleaning process is carried out, the scalp is cleaned of blood and residues and the area where the hair grafts are extracted is covered by dressing with antibiotic creams.
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At our hair clinic we aim to define the current terminology of Hair Transplantation by creating “An Elegant Touch Blended with Arts and Crafts”, our main mission, by blending our arts and crafts skills with our understanding of professional principles that are prestigious, comforting, high standard, up-to-date and innovative, is to provide our patients service in the light of our vision which is “Health comes first!”.

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