In this technique, which requires experience at high standards such as that of our experienced team, hair follicles are extracted from donor areas with the micromotor method and kept in special nutrient solutions until the time of hair transplantation. Unlike the FUE technique, the collected hair grafts (roots), by using punches in different sizes to create micro-orifices according to the diameters of the follicle units after the correct angles are calculated, are easily implanted in these micro-orifices. Since the round punches of the appropriate diameter is chosen for each extracted hair follicle, the procedure time is prolonged, but the resultant quality also increases in the direct proportion to it.

Unlike the other methods; since the grafts are placed in the micro-orifices by grasping not from the root-end but from the upper-end, the duration of the hair transplantation is prolonged; however the probability of damaging the hair root (There is a possibility, when the FUE method is performed by inexperienced “teams”!) decreases through this method.

With this method, the post-operative period is shortened by 2-3 days compared to the standard FUE, and the duration of the edema recovery is marginally shortened due to relatively less use of isotonic solution during the procedure.

In the cases determined by our qualified and experienced team, we carry out this procedure successfully in accordance with the request of our guests.