Anyone who is 18 or older, and has not got any ‘contraindicated’ health issues, can have hair transplantation. In the light of our vision, ‘Health comes first.’ an initial interview and assessment are carried out to determine the minimum medical requirements.

Diseases considered unfit for the transplantation;

1. Scalp Diseases: Lichen planus, alopecia etc.
2. Cancer patients currently receiving chemotherapy and radiotherapy
3. Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus, uncontrolled heart, rhythm disorders or hypertension
4. Patients with uncontrolled bleeding diathesis (bleeding / blood coagulation disorders)
5. Patients who have not completed 6 months of convalescence following a severe illness (disease-specific resting period when symptoms begin to disappear and the patient begins to recover)
6. Patients who have an active disease and whose treatment has not begun or has not been completed yet.
7. Patients with moderate / severe COPD
8. Patients with severe psychiatric and / or psychosomatic diseases
9. Patients with severe diseases of the liver and / or kidneys.